BW BW OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 2

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Team I need you all to start playing your games b/c I have a 9 AM this semester and not enough time in the morning to go through all of these

Cristian Jimenez vs HaxxSel
BlessyZ vs Gamer1234556
h4g vs Cachumbo25
Alice Kazumi vs Hockey1
Marshall.Law vs Vermillion Gangsta
dawn to the dusk vs Wamr
Nashrock vs IUPLC
BlazingDark vs monchooo
kiplerKP vs Huntu
bydy vs sayyonara
Batzi vs cicepece11
MeEsSm vs temp
Crystal Canyon vs Thor
mito mitoso vs Xr Kartana
Hollow Soul vs KeshBa54
Cassiel2311 vs avarice

BluBirD vs Estuardo19
dex vs Darker123456
devin vs pannu
etern vs Mendeez
s7a vs Sato07

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